Koller Makes the VW Transporter Safe for Wheelchair Users

Published: 29th May 2018


The iconic VW Transporter, which first launched just after World War ll, is still a favourite for passenger transport. Due to its popularity, Koller has designed and engineered the first commercially available restraint exclusively for the VW T5 and T6 Caravelle so everyone can enjoy the vehicle in comfort.

The dynamic EXCEL Aries combined wheelchair and passenger restraint has been specifically designed by Koller to fit VW T5 and T6 Caravelle rails allowing the vehicles to become wheelchair friendly by simply removing or repositioning rear passenger seats.

“We decided to make a restraint especially for the VW Caravelle as it is a popular choice for the conversion to wheelchair use. It is very versatile with a wide choice of adaptation options and configurations. This means it can meet most user’s requirements and so is perfect for day to day transport requirements. EXCEL Aries allows users to easily fit restraint systems without having to change any existing fittings,” said Andy Nurrish, Koller sales manager.

Crash-tested to ISO 10542, the EXCEL Aries has several benefits perhaps most notable, is that no vehicle modifications are required as it simply fits into existing rail. Precision machined carriages provide secure anchorage in the rails giving peace of mind and quick release tie-down fittings allow for fast release if required.

As simple to use as a standard seatbelt, EXCEL Aries includes the TITUS passenger harness for maximum comfort and safety. Also featured as standard is the EXCEL Compact over-centre buckle rear straps for maximum adjustability and tensioning and static front straps for easy wheelchair alignment.

Every detail has been considered to ensure EXCEL Aries is easy to operate, works perfectly with VW T5 and T6 Caravelle rails and most importantly is engineered for safety.

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