Koller Buckle Up with New Product Design Update

Published: 26th June 2018

Koller Engineering has announced a new design modification to its seat belt stalk which will improve accessibility.

Following customer feedback and research, Koller has updated the design of the seat belt stalk on all wheelchair restraints using the company’s TITUS harness.

The seat belt stalk has been redesigned moving the buckle by 90 degrees for easy access when using on wheelchairs. “We consistently listen to our customers and take on board their comments,” said Andy Nurrish Koller sales manager.

“The new update comes following feedback on the buckle orientation. Our in-house designers went back to the drawing board and created a modification to the seat belt stalk to allow it to sit at a different angle. This revision will help give those fitting the restraint easy access, making it very convenient to use which in turn will save time when fitting and removing.”

The new product update is now available on all TITUS harnesses. TITUS provides maximum passenger comfort and safety and can be used as a ‘conventional’ 2-point lap and diagonal harness, or as a 3-point harness.
Putting safety at the forefront, TITUS has been crash tested to ISO 10542 for use individually or as a part of Koller’s combined restraint systems. The new seat belt stalk update continues to hold this safety feature, and is durable, functional and offers the Koller quality guarantee.

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