Koller Announce the Re-Launch of IRiS

Published: 12th December 2018

The requirement for space saving wheelchair restraints is always high on the agenda as companies seek the best solutions to meet their needs. In answer to this, Koller Engineering has re-launched IRiS a compact and unique restraint.

The IRiS wheelchair and passenger restraint has been designed to be used where it is not possible to use a 4-point tie-down restraint. Dean Koller, Managing Director at Koller Engineering explains: “We have seen growing demand for passenger and wheelchair restraints that are adaptable and can be easily stored and fitted into vehicles. IRiS does not need front wheelchair tie-down straps; not only is this a unique space-saving feature, but it makes it easy to fit and helps in maintaining a passenger’s dignity. IRiS is also adjustable, so it can fit different width floors, therefore works perfectly in a variety of vehicles.

“Importantly IRiS has been crash-tested to ISO 10542 resulting in complete peace of mind when in use. With its combination of durability and functionality, we wanted to re-launch the product as this wheelchair and passenger restraint can answer many space-saving issues that people experience.”

IRiS is adjustable to fit floor rails with centres from 325 to 335 mm. Using the EXCEL COMPACT karabiner straps to secure the wheelchair and interchangeable TITUS passenger harness it can be future-proofed with the possibility to add a 3-point upper anchorage belt.

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