Koller Responds to Wheelchair Lift Market Increase with the Launch of FALL STOP

Published: 23rd January 2019

The growth of the global wheelchair lift market is predicted to increase significantly by 2023 and will generate revenues of some $2.6bn (£2bn)*. This growing demand has been recognised by Koller Engineering. The company has recently launched FALL STOP, a new safety barrier designed especially for accessible vehicle lifts.

As governmental policies change and advance, the growth in the global wheelchair lift market will increase in many sectors from public transport to private vehicles. ‘Leading vendors are developing lifts especially for long distance travels, wherein vehicles need to be customized to accommodate and carry a wheelchair or a mobility scooter easily. The growing focus on personalised designs will fuel the demand for these products in the global market.’* This demand has been recognised and addressed by Koller with the introduction of FALL STOP. With safety at the forefront of all they do, Koller created a strong and robust lift barrier which provides peace of mind when using a vehicle’s access lift.

The lift barrier increases safety when using a passenger lift by stopping a wheelchair, semi-ambulant, or attendant falling from the raised platform. “When it comes to safety, we are always looking at providing new and innovative products to assist our customers,” said Dean Koller, Managing Director at Koller Engineering.

“There is a very real risk when using a passenger lift that a wheelchair could roll off, or indeed an attendant could lose their footing and fall from the raised platform of a vehicle. We felt it was extremely important to provide a barrier to stop any accidents happening.”

“We received enquiries from a number of customers on how they could improve safety when using the lift barrier. We put this to the Koller design team and they came up with FALL STOP. It is simple to install and to store on the vehicle as it is lightweight and compact. We feel that no accessible vehicle should be without a product like FALL STOP as it is an important additional safety feature which should be a standard feature on all wheelchair passenger lifts.”

FALL STOP is made from high strength material having been pull-tested to 850kg without failure. Finished in a high-visibility and durable powder-coating, FALL STOP can be clipped into the passenger lift rail and does not require any tools for fitting, making it quick and easy to use.

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