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If hand hygiene is important ShoulderSink is the answer! Dirt and grime can easily be washed from hands thanks to each station incorporating water, soap, paper towel, a rubbish bin and even a hand rub!

ShoulderSink is compact, easy and convenient to use and can be easily transported in any vehicle or carried with the sturdy shoulder strap.

With clean hands you can avoid chemicals and irritants affecting skin as well as helping to prevent bacterial and viral infections. ShoulderSink is always ready to use, simply lower the hose for running water and wash hands. There is no pump and therefore no power source – water is gravity fed - Shouldersink can therefore be used anywhere!

ShoulderSink is easy to fit in any vehicle and takes only a few minutes to mount. With a robust, sturdy powder-coated steel bracket, it can be installed just where there is room, in a height where it is easy and convenient to use. Or if you prefer, simply put ShoulderSink in the boot or cargo space of the vehicle for instant hand hygiene.

• Compact and robust
• Contains everything required for hand hygiene: Water, Soap, Hand Rub, Paper Towel
• Use as an alternative to environmentally harmful wet wipes
• Fitted easily to any vehicle
• Can be carried in a vehicles’ boot or cargo space or mounted to the interior wall with a bracket
• Gravity-fed water means it can be used anywhere
• Portable use with the sturdy shoulder strap
• 15-20 hand washes per water tank
• Refillable bottles

  • Weight: 5.00kg