Equipment Check

Published: 5th January 2024

As 2024 rolls in, it's the perfect time to shift gears and ensure your wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) are in good working order. That's why a thorough pre-season equipment check is your first stop. Important things to consider include:

1. Is your wheelchair restraint in optimal working condition?

Ensure that every component of your wheelchair restraint is operational and has been adequately maintained. Prior to use, conduct a thorough check on each part.

2. Is the floor rail free of debris?

Examine the vehicle floor's rail for debris and overall condition. A clean and undamaged rail is crucial for the proper functioning of the wheelchair restraint within the rails. Consider investing in rail cover strips to maintain cleanliness consistently.

3. Is your wheelchair restraint strong enough?

Not all wheelchair tie-down systems are universally compatible. Explore the market for options suitable for your specific wheelchair; some restraints are crash-tested for heavy wheelchairs and increased occupant weight. Ensure the restraints are the right fit, of high quality, and comply with crash test certification and ISO standards.

4. Is the harness of sufficient length?

If the harness is slightly too short, consider using an extension strap to increase its effective length. This not only enhances passenger comfort but also facilitates ease of use.

5. Is the seatbelt webbing in good condition, and are the seatbelt buckles functioning?

Inspect the seatbelt webbing for frayed edges. Defective webbing poses a risk to the passenger's safety. Additionally, look at seatbelt buckles for any signs of fractured or damaged casing, as this may compromise the internal mechanism's safety standards required for travel.

If you need advice on the best equipment to meet your needs or are looking to upgrade your WAV equipment call us at 01935 426695.