About Us

Koller Engineering Ltd (Safety Restraint Engineers) was established in 1980 by Max Koller. Continuing to be run by the family, the Company specialises in the design and manufacture of wheelchair accessible vehicle products, including:

  • Wheelchair Restraints and Wheelchair Occupant Restraints
  • Floor Rails
  • Removable mini-bus type Seat Fixings
  • Lightweight, Portable Ramps
  • Associated products

A leading company in this specialised market, we are recognised for our attention to safety, quality and customer satisfaction: we are fully ISO 9001:2008 compliant and a recognised Motability “First Class Supplier”. Before being placed on the market, our products are tested to the latest stringent safety standards. Often this is in conjunction with major seat and wheelchair manufacturers and vehicle converters. This testing programme provides our customers and potential customers with the assurance that they are purchasing products of the highest standard.

Our extensive product range is designed to make life safer and easier for accessible travel. Products are designed to meet the demanding and changing needs of users, the variety of situations in which the products are used and the growing diversity in wheelchair design. Safety is the foremost consideration in all product design, with ease of operator use and occupant comfort also of paramount importance.

Knowledgeable staff can provide support over the telephone or in person for training in the correct use of all our products. Not a company to stand still, Koller Safety Restraint Engineers has introduced several firsts into the market and always seeks to provide the customer with the product they need. Consequently, many products are designed as a direct result of customer feed back, enabling us to produce class-leading products that meet user requirements.