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The SMARTSEAT SLEEPER is the perfect solution for overnight travel in your vehicle. Combining versatility, comfort and safety, this flexible seat/sleeper bench is the only one on the market integrated with two Isofix seats making it ideal for families and is available as either a 2 seater or a 3 seater option.

It also comes with integrated seat belts and height-adjustable headrests and is fully tested to ECE R14 for vehicles in the M1 and N1 categories to ensure the system meets the highest quality and most rigorous safety standards.

Included with a lockable under seat drawer to give you even more storage space, SMARTSEAT SLEEPER is easy to transform from a seat to a bed. Simply release the bar brake and pull the seat system towards you. Pull the strap to release the seat back and push the system rearwards and lock into place with the brake.

Fitted to the Smartfloor aluminium flooring system, the SMARTSEAT SLEEPER gives you the flexibility to stay overnight in comfort.

Every SMARTSEAT SLEEPER must be fitted by a certified installer at the Koller fitting centre in Yeovil Somerset, or at an approved installer in Manchester. Call Koller on 01935 426695 to find out more.


Feature & Benefits

• Easily transforms from a seat to a bed
• Available as a 2-seater or 3-seater option
• Tested to ECE R14 for vehicles in the M1 and N1 categories
• Comes with 2 Isofix fittings as standard.
• Includes a lockable under seat storage drawer
• Height adjustable headrests
• Integrated seat belts
• 2-seater measures from 860mm to 1120mm and 1900mm when reclined
• 3-seater measures from 1290mm to 1500mm and 1900mm when reclined
• Fitted to Smartfloor aluminium floor which complies with EU Directive 76/115 for M1 certified seats in vehicles from all major vehicle manufacturers.
• Must be Installed by an approved and accredited SmartFloor installer

  • Weight: 0.00kg